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Naval Academy Varna

The Naval Academy of Varna “NY Vaptsarov” is the oldest technical school in Bulgaria, which due to its glorious past and tradition in the Merchant Marine Training , became the most famous naval training center. The Merchant Marine Academy Nikola Vaptsarov is the first Nautical School in Bulgaria, with a history that began in 1881, educating engineers Commerce and the Navy, when education is established in the Navy. In 1904 upgraded to secondary technical school, training technical staff for Commerce and Navy, as well as for industry, railways, coal mines, power stations etc. The first Maritime Officers training effort for Commercial and Navy was in 1914, and in 1942 converted a “Naval Academy”, training officers, deck and electrical ships. In 1949 renamed “Naval Academy NikolaVaptsarov” – “NikolaVaptsarovNavalAcademy” (NVNA), taking the name of a renowned poet and revolutionary, graduate of the Naval School of Varna. By 1956 graduates of the faculty take an engineering degree. In 1960 when Bulgaria becomes a member of the International Maritime Organisation, which oversees maritime training all members of the world, the Naval Academy in Varna is a Higher Education Institution (HEI) with worldwide recognition. In 1953 starts training foreign students and by 1993 trained students from 12 different countries for both the Army and the Merchant Navy. In 1974 the Academy is upgrading old facilities, acquire new and operate many laboratories and simulators. In 1986 works Planetarium (the biggest in the Balkans) learning students navigation guided the sky. In 1992 he created autonomous Merchant Marine Academy. Students are trained as Merchant, who after graduation can travel in any foreign flag.


Education – Studies Merchant Marine

The Merchant Marine Academy of Varna has a tradition in education of officers of the Navy more than half a century, so it is internationally considered the most authoritative education and training center seafarers because uniquely combines theory with practice and science to reality.

It is no coincidence So that university graduates have an integrated high value education to the College of Naval Forces in the World Ocean.

The school offers four-year degrees (training in English) with a preparatory year for non-English speakers and graduate diplomas (education in English). Graduates have the right to work in all international companies around the world.

The academic year starts on October 1 and ends at the end of June, followed by exams until mid-July.

The Academy for training of deck officers and for engineers, provides theoretical and practical training, using modern research infrastructures. Provides planetarium, marking simulator simulator ARPA and simulator “Navi-trainerprofessional 3000″, simulator “Dieselsim”, deviation laboratory magnetic compass, eight laboratories R & C, five workshops equipped with the operating engines and boat equipment and other facilities for training in the coastal navigation.

faculties of Naval academy

  1.  Navigation
  2. Marine engeneering
  3.  Electrical Engineering
  4.  Radio-Electricity
  5. Naval Architecture
  6. Shipping


Since 2000, the Naval Academy is an active member and co-founder of the International Association of Maritime Universities (IAMU). Maintains international contacts with similar schools and academies of the United States, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Poland and many other countries. Has certificates IMO (International Maritime Organization) and ImarE (Institute of Marine Engineering in UK, London). The quality of education is ensured by well-qualified teachers, the remarkable scientific and pedagogical training, modern and constantly updated simulation centers, laboratories and language centers.

Tuition fees 2900€ per year