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  • DEUTSCHLAND+4917682691535
  • BULGARIA+359 52 99 36 48


  • Dr-Karim Sasi - BULGARIA

    Dr-Karim Sasi directorof of the Black Sea University with extensive experience in studying exoterikouTa latest six years is responsible for all the students of BlackSeaUniversity.Einai director and coordinator headquarters tisBlack Sea University in Bulgaria

  • Manifavas Constantine - GREECE

    Constantine Manifavas he born and lives in Athina.Spoudase Business Administration and has worked for several years in the private sector. Since 1999 he engaged in private education and owns foreign language centers in Athens, Byron area Pangrati and Hymettus. Since March 2014 deals with secondary education with a new tutorial in Pangrati. Apart from education in Greece cooperates with foreign universities in various fields and from May 2012 has been certified as an official representative for Athens from Varna Free University. In November 2013 he was certified as an official representative of the Naval Academy

  • Shefkath Inayat - ENGLAND

    Mrs. Inayat is another member of our UK based representatives. She is an aesthetic consultant practicing in Bolton, UK, who provides a comprehensive range of rejuvenation treatments from cosmetic products and procedures to facial injectables, Microdermabrasion and many more. She will be representing the UK department of Black Sea University, and will be here to answer any questions or queries you may have

  • Stavros Skonis - GREECE

    Mr. Skonis is an esteemed member of our team, being our senior Balkan representative. Before joining our organisation, Mr Skonis was a professor and master’s holder in the University of Athens. From 2011 he has been working with Black Sea University as a specialist consultant of dealing with the requirements of students wanting to study in Varna

  • Hadel Al-Bayaty - SWEDEN

    Dr Hadel Al-Bayaty är en av cheferna vid Svarta havsuniversitetet med stor erfarenhet av att studera exoterikou. De senaste sex åren är ansvarig för alla elever i BlackSea University. Direktör och samordnare huvudkontor tis Black Sea University i Bulgarien

  • Diana Williamson - GREECE

    Diana is an advisor in the Black Sea University team. In Varna Diana maintains contact with the responsible for our company and the students office at the university. She is the first contact for our students regarding questions of study or other concerns. Diana takes over the on-site supervision of interested parties who wish to familiarize themselves with the local conditions before the start of their studies.

  • Vincenco Kocori - ALBANIA

    Vincenco Kocori ka lindur ne Korce dhe banon ne Tirane.Eshte diplomuar per "Shkenca politike" ne Universitetin e Tiranes.Ka qene pjese e organizatave rinore dhe studentore per shume vjet. Drejton nje zyre konsulence per ceshtje te edukimit, konsulence biznesi, PR etj.

  • Said Shandy

  • Chara Moutafova - BULGARIA

    Chara is an advisor in the Black Sea University team. She is present on our participations on a variety of fairs and is also your individual contact person in case of any questions.