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Medical University Varna

Medical University of Varna is a great choice of all future doctors, who want to combine study process with unforgettable summer experience in the largest seaside resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast.

Since its foundation in 1960, over 50,000 alumni of the Medical University of Varna have lived and worked as professionals in the field of medicine and healthcare all over the world. Varna Medical University is among the most dynamically developing institutions in Bulgaria. It is the only Bulgarian university which introduced the model of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) for Business Excellence in 2008. The university is among the first members of the Black Sea Universities Network (BSUN) and is a full member of the European University Association as well. It is included in the European educational programmes for life-long learning Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci and maintains a close partnership with over 80 international universities and educational institutions from 5 continents. The diplomas issued by Varna Medical University and the applied European supplement, are recognized by all European Union countries.
The Medical University of Varna bears proudly the name of the founder of the first Bulgarian School of Surgery – Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov. Today Mu-Varna is a high-tech university with more than half a century of history and traditions. Throughout the years the University has strictly followed its mission – to educate highly qualified specialists for better healthcare and medicine services and to train them morally and spiritually to be humanists in the first place.
Medical University of Varna meets all international requirements for independent higher institution with its highly qualified academic faculty, modern environment with unlimited opportunities – high-tech laboratories and remarkable training facilities, a modern library with electronic reading rooms and access to the best world information databases, two students’ hostels, sport facilities and professional football, volleyball and tennis coaches, a rehearsal hall for the university rock band, a drama and folk dance troupes.
The University employs more than 18 professors, 78 deputy professors and 284 assistant professors, the vast majority of whom are renowned around the world and comprise one of the best known academic and erudite medical communities of the world. The Institution has its own publication history, including the scientific magazine “Scripta Scientifica Medica”.
The University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna is one of the clinical bases of MU-Varna and the biggest diagnostic and consultative hospital in the region, which serves the population of the whole country. The University Hospital has one of the latest and highly specialized equipment in Bulgaria (gamma-camera, nuclear magnetic resonance, PET CT with cyclotron, CT Dual_Source) allowing  the provision of various medical services and application of advanced diagnostic and treatment approach.
A huge advantage of the MU-Varna is its location. Varna has been selected for the best city in Bulgaria offering the best living conditions. You can enjoy the magnificent waterfront promenade, lined by a string of beach clubs, offering a vibrant nightlife as well as the calmness and beauty of the “Sea garden”.
Another reason to choose the Medical University of Varna is the reasonable tuition fee (8000EUR per year) and living costs (approximately 5000EUR per year) in comparison to other medical universities.
Medical students of the MU-Varna have the opportunity to participate in educational exchange programmes abroad (Erasmus and Leonardo da Vinci).
The degree obtained from the university has been adjusted to the Bologna Process and recognized in all European countries.


MU-Varna consist of four faculties –Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Faculty of Pharmacy and  Faculty of Public Health.  Medical College and the affiliates in Sliven, Shumen and Veliko Tarnovo are also included in the university structure. Department of Foreign Language Teaching, Communications and Sport (DFLTCS) is a successor of the Department of Foreign Languages founded in 1962. It provides language teaching in Medical Latin, Bulgarian, English, German and French languages, to the students from the four faculties and the Medical College. The Department offers also a preparatory one-year course in Bulgarian and English to the foreign students.
Medical University of Varna offers three study programmes specially designed for foreign students. The programmes are taught in English.
Medicine (250 places): The Medical Faculty is the largest Faculty of the MU-Varna. Here, students are educated to become highly qualified doctors and have the necessary knowledge, skills and qualities for their professional realization. It is possible to train for professional specialisation, as well as for postgraduate degrees. Graduates are conferred Master’s degree along with the professional qualification“physician”- Doctor of Medicine.
Duration: 6 years
Annual tuition fee: 8000EUR can be paid at once or in two equal installments

Dental Medicine (50 places): full-time only; The Faculty of Dental Medicine was founded in the year 2006. The Faculty educates students to become highly-qualified dentists. Also, specialist subject knowledge is transmitted to both postgraduate students and PhD graduate students. A new, completely equipped building was finished in 2008, in order to offer the students first-class practical and theoretical education. Upon graduation, students obtain the professional qualification of “Master-doctor in Dental Medicine” and education and qualification degree “Master”.
Duration: 6years
Annual tuition fee: 8000EUR can be paid at once or in two equal installments
The six year study programmes consist of three parts: Preclinical Studies (theoretical training), Clinical Studies and Pre-graduation Internship.
Public Health (after Bahelor degree): part-time organization of the programme; The Master’s programme in Public Health is targeted at development and management of public health and social programmes and projects.
Duration: 1 year
Annual tuition fee: 1700EUR paid in two equal installments

All the study programmes in MU-Varna are taught in English and are shown in the list below:
Master programmes (after completed secondary education):

Bachelor programmes (after completed secondary education):

Bachelor programmes (after granted professional bachelor degree):

Master programmes (after awarded bachelor degree):

Professional Bachelor programmes:
Programmes offered by Medical College-Varna

The Higher education in these programmes leads to obtaining the educational degree of “Professional Bachelor in…….”. The programmes are from the professional directions Health Care and Social Work. The training is full-time only and lasts three years.

Medical University of Varna offers Preparatory courses in Bulgarian and English language with 9 months duration.
In order to be able to study at MU-Varna, all the candidates have to take an entrance exam consisting in multiple choice questions from Biology and Chemistry – in Varna as well as in Sliven, Veliko Tarnovo, Shumen, GermanyAustriaGreat BritainSpain.It is mandatory that the prospective applicants have studied, completed and obtained grades (not less than 62% of the possible maximum of the grading system in the respective country) in Biology and Chemistry in the secondary school.
As a part of its admission campaign the Medical University of Varna offers preparatory courses and admission consultations: comprehensive and short intensive preparatory courses in biology, chemistry, modelling; some of them also available in different cities in Bulgaria and several EU countries. There is a new online question form, as well as online submission of application papers and the placement of all applicants from all programmes.
Once you have chosen your study programme, you should follow a simple procedure and submit the following application documents:
1-Completed, printed and signed application form
2-A copy of the document for completed secondary – translated into Bulgarian and legalized
3-A copy of the official transcript of all studied subjects in secondary education (high school) as well as the obtained final marks in the subjects – translated into Bulgarian and legalized
4-A document issued by an authorized body (the applicant’s high school) certifying the right (eligibility) of the applicant to continue his/her education in higher institutions and universitiesin the country in which the latter has acquired his/her secondary education-translated into Bulgarian and legalized
5-An original medical health certificate, issued within a month before the date of application – translated into Bulgarian and legalized
6-A declaration by the applicant`s parent(s) for financial support during his/her studies in the Republic of Bulgaria at the Medical University of Varna, legalized and accompanied by its official translation into Bulgarian (only for non-EU citizens)
7-A copy of the valid ID / international passport of the applicant
8. Five recently-taken color photos /passport size/
9. A document for identity of names, if needed
10. Simple photocopy of all required application documents (from 1 to 8 incl.).
If you have any questions or you need further information, please contact us. It will be a pleasure for us to assist you.