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  • Charalampos Onisiforou

    Dr. Charalambos Onisiforou is one of the directors of the Black Sea University with extensive experience in studying exoterikouTa latest six years is responsible for all the students of BlackSeaUniversity.Einai director and coordinator headquarters tisBlack Sea University in Bulgaria

  • Manifavas Constantine

    Constantine Manifavas he born and lives in Athina.Spoudase Business Administration and has worked for several years in the private sector. Since 1999 he engaged in private education and owns foreign language centers in Athens, Byron area Pangrati and Hymettus. Since March 2014 deals with secondary education with a new tutorial in Pangrati. Apart from education in Greece cooperates with foreign universities in various fields and from May 2012 has been certified as an official representative for Athens from Varna Free University. In November 2013 he was certified as an official representative of the Naval Academy of Varna to Athens Central Greece, Peloponnese and Crete. Married to Afroditi Tsonou which is English professor and have a child.