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It is compulsory to submit an official translation of your Health insurance upon registration at any Bulgarian university, as well as for registration at the Local Migration office.

Medical insurance is a very important issue, especially when it comes to a long-term permanent stay in Bulgaria. You have two options – either to make a medical insurance in your home country, which should cover Bulgaria, or to make insurance in Bulgaria at one of the global insurance companies, which operate in Bulgaria.

You have a choice between the following two types of medical insurance:

  1. A compulsory medical insurance for people staying in Bulgaria for 3 months or more – valid only on the territory of Bulgaria for people up to 70 years of age. This insurance covers the following risks:
    – medical expenses due to an accident or an acute disease
    – repatriation due to an accident or an acute disease
    – urgent dental care
    – death due to an accident
  2. An international medical insurance for people between 18 and 69 years of age – this insurance covers all countries around the world. People who have such insurance can choose from a list of first-class hospitals around the world and the insurance covers all sorts of medical expenses – hospital treatment, medications, surgery, transplantations, laser eye treatments, rehabilitation and others.

Since Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007, EU-citizens with health insurance in their home countries are entitled to reduced cost or free medical treatments covered by the Bulgarian social insurance (i.e. state-provided medical treatment only) on production of a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) – provided, their stay in the country is temporary.


If you find yourself in a danger or in a situation of emergency, call 112. This number is free of charge and valid on the entire territory of Bulgaria. Other important phone numbers include 150 (ambulance), 160 (fire/rescue), 166 (police) and 178 (pharmacy on duty).