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Dear parents,

It’s time to help your children in one of the most important choices they have ever made in selecting the career path they would like to follow and to ensure they are well prepared for prospective admission to the best Medical University so as to ensure a successful academic and, in turn, professional career path. The decisions you make in the coming days with regard to the academic centre that you deem is capable of helping your children to fulfill their dreams and study what they wish to so eagerly, ought to be based on a set of highly reliable and essential criteria, as there is no room for error when it comes to your children’s very future; everything you do for them must be an investment that augments their prospects thereafter. Study Medicine in Europe affords you with this vantage ground and gives you peace of mind — we take your children’s future seriously.

The advantages of opting for Black sea University as opposed to other academic organisations that offer similar services focus on the following important points:

Guaranteed Entry

Our years of experience, our decade-long dedicated contribution to education and our continuous efforts are our guarantee for the best services to you and especially the best promise that your expectations and our commitments will be fulfilled.

Complete & Honest Information

We do not bend the truth. We ensure the success of prospective students after having assessed and formed a complete picture of the requirements pertaining to the chosen field of the study as well as student’s desires and capabilities. You will be afforded with a clear and detailed course of action with regard to prospective study alternatives on a number of Medical Universities and other higher institutions, which we represent, as well as the requirements that must be met, including everything from living expenses in the countries of each University to admission requirements and tuition fees.

Preparation for successful admission – We are at hand when you take tests

We ensure the success of prospective students in any entry tests (if applicable) using carefully selected notes or through tutorials and lessons provided during the summer or winter semesters, depending on the programme start date of the first semester that prospective students have applied for. Moreover, either we always attend the tests in the examination centres at the capital of your country or at the University, you have applied to.

Registration – Finding accommodation – Miscellaneous Procedures

We register students at the University of their choice, find housing (student residence or private residence) and help them settle in and inform them about the new environment, besides handling any procedural or bureaucratic issues that may arise in this process.

Transfers – Medical Specialization – Postgraduate Studies

We carry out with responsibility any transfer students request, and find postgraduate programs in higher academic institutions of their choice, providing students with an array of choices, since we represent the best state-run Medical Universities in 2 European countries (Bulgaria and Romania), and still growing. In tandem, we secure positions in hospitals all over Europe for post-graduate internship in medical and dentistry schools.

Communication – Advice – Counselling

Each student is unique. We review each student as a separate and unique individual, with his or her own needs and desires, with an emphasis on interpersonal contact, rapport and reciprocity. It is only after extensive discussion with you that we inform you, based on the capabilities, performance, goals and desires of the prospective student, about the choices that lay before you. Furthermore, we are ready to advise you on any educational matter you may be interested in enquiring, based on our multi-year experience in the field of education.

Processing of Paperwork

We undertake the completion and submitting of application documents required for admission to the University of your choice and we collect as well as translate and legalize all necessary supporting documents in English or the language of the country of the University.

Language Courses

We offer a basic course in the language of the country of the University in order to help students communicate efficiently during the first days of his or her studies. We also offer English language course with an emphasis on terminology for those who are about to enroll into an English-taught programme which requires knowledge of specialized terminology.

Continuous Support

With our onsite staff, we support students during their study years until graduation with various issues that may arise in their day-to-day life. We also monitor their academic progress and provide any academic support they may need.

Representing Universities

We represent and are affiliated with the best state-run medical universities in Central Europe (Bulgaria), having signed consociation contracts with these institutions and various academic organizations and hospitals, at the same time being representatives of many other higher educational institutions such as technical, naval and economical universities.


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