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Study Abroad

Thinking of studying in another country? You’re not alone. Every year, more than 25,000 students from Sweden study at universities and colleges abroad. Most of them arrange study abroad themselves, but many also go as exchange students.

We help you find the educational path that is right for you. In the different subject areas you can read about what the subject means and what orientations there are.
For students seeking placement in Bulgaria (college, high school and all others) seeking study abroad, language abroad, intern abroad, and volunteer abroad opportunities you will find a comprehensive list of programs

Plan your studies abroad

In order to get the most out of time abroad, planning and planning are required. Where are you going? What do you want to study? Is it best for you to go on your own, or does it feel safer to take the help of an intermediary? There are also a number of programs for exchanges between universities and colleges in different countries to choose from.

At https://blackseauniversity.com you will find all the information you need to find out exactly how you want it.

Language, high ranking or good weather?

For those who primarily want to learn a language, the choice of country to study in may not be so difficult. For others it may be a warmer climate that attracts or low costs. What is most important to you?

Study funding for language courses abroad

Why sit and sluggish notes in a classroom in Sweden when you can do it in the country where the language is spoken? Language courses are available worldwide. The only thing required is university admission in Sweden. CSN provides loans and grants for studies that last for at least three weeks in the EU and 13 weeks in an overseas country.

Lists of the best universities in the world

For those who think that the quality of teaching and the reputation of the school are most important, there are international rankings, which, based on certain parameters, measure the quality of teaching. Look at several different lists, as they may have slightly different criteria for what is considered quality.

It may also be good to talk to others who have attended school about their experiences.

Study on the beach – all year round

There are plenty of universities in other countries with a nicer climate than the Swedish one, which offers English-language tuition for Swedish guest students. Another way to escape the winter darkness is to read a Swedish distance education and take the study aid to a warmer country.

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