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In the last couple of years, Bulgaria has become a popular study destination, offering students from all over the world excellent quality of education and life. Bulgaria is constantly increasing mobility and establishing strong relationships between Bulgarian higher educational institutions and universities around Europe, providing an education that meets all global standards and is job oriented, so as to make the students employable and help them pursuing their future careers. Since 2007, Bulgaria is a member of the European Union and Bulgarian higher education degrees are fully recognized in all EU member states. Moreover, the credits for the courses taught at Bulgarian universities are transferable within Europe, which means that a student can pursue his studies after Bulgaria in any EU country.
Bulgaria has a well-developed higher education system and Bulgarian universities are well-known in many scientific fields such as medicine, economics, computer sciences, engineering, psychology, etc. Almost all universities in the country have Bulgarian accreditation and some have double accreditation from foreign institutions.
Bulgarian universities have more than 20 years of experience in teaching international languages such as English, French or German. Some Bulgarian universities offer courses taught in English, French or German and provide double degrees through partnerships with universities abroad. Some universities offer programmes fully taught in English.
Courses are career-focused and lectures interest-driven. Classes take place in compact study groups. Extracurricular activities allow students to gather helpful life experience while enjoying their free time. Tutoring is a common practice in Bulgaria, supporting personal and professional improvement.
The grading scale in Bulgarian high education institutions is based on grades from 2 to 6. Grades below 3 are failing grades. These grades are used when calculating Grade Point Average (GPA).
Tuition fees at Bulgarian universities vary depending on course and language of instruction, but are certainly very cheap in comparison to other European universities. UK and EU students in Bulgaria are eligible for the Bulgarian tuition fee loan. Students may also be entitled to receive grants to cover living costs. Students can apply for government and university scholarships on the same basis as home students.
Being affordable, safe and well-known among the academic communities in the partner countries, Bulgaria is steadily becoming a preferred destination for students coming from Turkey, Greece, Germany, Italy, UK, Nigeria, etc.
Study in Bulgaria is YOUR ACE IN THE HOLE for your future career.

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