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Admission criteria in Bulgaria: to get admission in Bulgarian universities, the admission criteria vary with the institution and the course. In most Bulgarian universities, the admission is based on application file documents, without entrance exam.  The only exam is for those prospective   European students in Bulgaria who need to study on Bulgarian scholarship or to pay a small part of full tuition fee.

After the positive university decision, the application file is followed to the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science which issue the acceptance letter (certificate stating that the applicant is admitted as a student in Bulgarian university). This letter is also important for those who need to apply for Bulgarian student visa.

International   students who  do  not speak Bulgarian want to study in Bulgarian, or those who want to study in English but do not have a good command of English, are admitted to Bulgarian university on condition they first undergo one year preparatory course of respective language.
General admission criteria.

To get into high education in Bulgaria, the prospective student must fulfil preliminary criteria or Prerequisite requirements.  Those criteria depend on the program and courses.

General application and admission requirements for   Bachelor’s Degree Programmes:

General application and admission requirements for   Master’s Degree Programmes:

General application and admission requirements for   PhD or postgraduate study:

As with similar systems around the world, entry into a master program requires a previously completed bachelor program in Bulgaria or abroad, just as a doctorate requires a completed master degree. Qualifications are evaluated and accredited through the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency at the Council of Ministers.

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