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Tuition fees for university study in Bulgaria are among the most affordable within the European Union. Students whose native country is within the European Union can study at reduced tuition fee or benefit Bulgarian scholarship.

Tuition fees in Bulgarian universities vary depending on the university, the programme of study, degree, full-time or part-time training, etc.

The tuition fees in Varna universities are presented for guidance in the table below:

University Bachelor Degree

Annual fee (EUR)

Master Degree

Annual fee (EUR)


Annual fee (EUR)

University of Economics 240 – 2500 240 – 3000 3500
Varna Free University 2500 – 4000 4800
Varna Technical University 2900 – 3000 3000 3200 – 3500
Varna Medical University 8000 8000
Naval Academy Varna 1750 – 3000 1750 – 3000 1750 – 3000


Tuition fees can be paid either in full or up to two installments.

Although these tuition fees are at least twice cheaper in comparison to other EU universities, you may need a financial support during your study. If so, there are several options for you: student loan, scholarship or working part-time.

Whatever difficulties or questions you may have, contact us for assistance and help.