Who Can Apply


Who Can Apply

To study in Varna, Bulgaria, international students can apply as undergraduate, graduate, PhD, exchange, transfer or simply visiting students depending on the programme they are interested in. Bulgarian higher education institutions are open to all international students who hold a secondary education certificate that makes them eligible for higher education in the country in which they have received their secondary education.

Varna Denizcilik Üniversitesi

Undergraduate students

Bulgarian education is distinguished by the diversity and quality of its undergraduate programmes. A Secondary Education Diploma is required. The duration of the programmes is 4 years. After accumulating the required credits and successful thesis defence students are awarded a BA or BSc. degree.

Graduate students

A Bachelor degree is required. Students are enrolled in a Master’s programme at the chosen university with duration from 1,5 to 2 years (depending on the programme). After accumulating the required credits and successful thesis defence students are awarded a MA or MSc degree.

ERASMUS students

For exchange students in ERASMUS Programme, the period of study is from 3 to 12 months as it is contracted in the Bilateral Agreements.

PhD / Doctoral students

An obtained Master degree is required in order to enroll in a PhD programme. The duration of the Doctoral education is 3 years. When all requirements of the programme are fulfilled, students are awarded a PhD.

Transfer students

The required documents for transfer students are a Bachelor or Master degree (according to the programme the student is applying for) plus the transfer credit transcription of marks.
Transfer students are students who already have passed some period of study at another institution of accredited higher education and would like to continue their education in Bulgarian university and obtain a Bulgarian diploma.

The duration of their study depends on the period already completed. Upon graduation they receive a degree (Bachelor or Master), according to the chosen programme.

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