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Study Naval Architecture And Marine Technology IN Europe

Study Naval Architecture and Marine Technology IN Europe

Fundamental and general engineering subjects:

Calculus, material science, computer science, physics, chemistry, mechanics, strength of materials, applied geometry and engineering graphics, computer graphics, ship hydrodynamics, electrical engineering and electronics, machine elements, philosophy, history of engineering, etc.

study naval architecture and marine technology europe

Specialized training:

Subjects associated with the study of theory and methods of design, technology of shipbuilding and ship repair, as well as the features of operations and management in shipbuilding and ship repair. Optional courses allow the students to extend their knowledge on industrial management, system analysis in the design of ships and marine structures, technological equipment in shipbuilding, basics of ship repair, etc. Excellent conditions are provided for computer training: the students learn and use modern CAD-systems for design and construction of ships and marine structures. The teaching chair maintains very good relations with the companies – potential employers of the graduates and provides possibilities for practical training, fellowships and future employment.

Mobility of students is provided and possibilities for partial education in other European universities. In the course of education the students get solid training in English language during seven semesters and pass final language exam. They have excellent opportunities for various creative extracurricular activities.

Career path:

  • Design and research organizations in the country and abroad
  • Shipbuilding and ship-repair companies
  • Specialized marine educational organizations
  • Supervising and certifying organizations (classification societies, maritime administration, certification organizations, etc.
  • Management and organization of the maritime economy
  • Other branches of machine building industry

The students having graduated in Naval Architecture and Marine Technology with Bachelor’s degree are entitled to continue their studies in the same major for Master’s degree. In Bulgaria, Naval Architecture and Marine Technology is taught only at the Technical University of Varna.

Study Naval Architecture and Marine Technology IN Europe

Study Naval Architecture and Marine Technology IN Europe