What you can study

Study Programs

What you can study

Study Programs

If you are at a cross-road wondering what to study after completing your secondary education, we can help you to make your choice. Studying abroad, and especially in Bulgaria, is a great challenge with many advantages – low tuition fees, world-quality of education, affordable living costs, beautiful nature, decades-old history, open people… there is no need to doubt your decision – STUDY IN VARNA IS THE PERFECT CHOICE FOR YOU AND YOUR FUTURE CAREER.

What We Offer


Studying Medicine in Bulgaria is a privilege because of the high quality of education and the fact that the diploma for completed higher education is valid all over the world.


Studying Dentistry in Varna, the summer capital of Bulgaria, is a great adventure and a huge promise for a spectacular career.


University of Economics – Varna offers a huge range of specialties in this field taught in English and Russian.

Naval Architecture

Subjects associated with the study of theory and methods of design, technology of shipbuilding and ship repair, as well as the features of operations and management in shipbuilding and ship repair.

Naval Courses

Naval Academy Varna offers 9 naval courses. These include Advance Fre Fighting, Medical Care, Leadership & Teamwork, Survival Craft, Security Awareness, Marine Enviromental, Ship Security Officer, Basic Training & ERMS

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